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CocaiExpress is not just another app, it's your key to unlock a more accessible, immersive, and delightful Venetian experience.

Weaving Venice into your every moments.
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Restaurant Delivery

Hungry? Craving authentic Italian cuisine delivered straight to your doorstep? Cocaiexpress makes it possible!

Our food delivery service has partnered with the best restaurants in Venice, offering a variety of mouth-watering meals ready to be delivered at your convenience.

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Luggage Delivery

Tired of lugging your heavy bags around? Make the most of your time in Venice and leave the hard work to us.

Our reliable luggage transport service guarantees smooth transfers from the airport to your hotel and back again. No stress, no fuss, just pure travel enjoyment.

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Groceries Delivery

Hungry for fresh ingredients? Looking to whip up your own Italian feast? CocaiExpress is at your service!

With our Groceries Delivery Service, we bring the fresh markets of Venice straight to your kitchen. Partnering with local suppliers, we ensure a selection of top-quality products.

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International Shippings

Fell in love with the charm of Venetian products? Want to keep a piece of Venice with you, wherever you are?

Our Worldwide Shipping Service allows you to select your favorite Venetian items, from exquisite Murano glass, fine Italian wines to authentic Venetian masks, and have them delivered right to your doorstep. Venice is no longer a place; it's a feeling that travels with you.

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Light Catering Delivery

Planning a get-together? Want to treat your guests with authentic Italian appetizers and desserts? CocaiExpress is your culinary genie!

Our Light Catering Service collaborates with celebrated Venetian chefs to offer an array of delectable treats that transport you and your guests straight to the heart of Venice. Create unforgettable gastronomical experiences, courtesy of CocaiExpress.

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Turn the enchanting streets of Venice into your workspace

Deliver authentic Italian meals and essential groceries while exploring this beautiful city. Earn, meet locals, and contribute to the vibrant Venetian community. CocaiExpress, your journey to a rewarding and unique job experience begins here!

Where we started
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Born in the heart of Venice during a lockdown, we dared to dream.

CocaiExpress is a testament to the spirit of Venice - resilient, robust, and always vibrant. The waters that interlace our city are much like the arteries of a body, and we, the CocaiExpress team, the lifeblood that keeps the city pulsating with life. We bridge the gaps, we create connections, and we keep the heart of Venice beating strong.